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Jul 07

How to fix Object Error in internet explorer

Object error in Internet Explorer When you open Internet explorer you got the message Object Error That means internet explorer getting a lot of load of unwanted stuff. How to fix Object Error in internet explorer 1.Update your browser 2.Remove all the unwanted stuff from it like addons, toolbars etc. If you need more help …

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Sep 01

Internet Explorer not responding

Is your Internet Explorer is troubling you? Does it hangs, freezes or stop responding? Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser but it does create issues sometime. This problem may occurs due to add-ins. You can fix this issue by following below manual steps if you are a technical user. Causes of the issue: …

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Aug 25

How to fix “Can’t open Internet Explorer” issue?

Internet Explorer is Microsoft best web browser and now since it come as standard browser in Windows 7, it become more popular. But I have seen sometime create issues like it does not open, it opens and close immediately and many more. Let’s discuss the most common issue with Internet Explorer and their fix: 1. …

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Aug 19

How to fix Internet Explorer not working in Windows 8?

Internet Explorer sometime create problem in new Windows 8. So many users are facing issue in Internet explorer. When user upgrades his Operating to new Windows 8, Internet Explorer creates issues. Let’s discuss the common issues that user are facing with Internet Explorer: When user upgrades his Operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 8, …

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