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Jul 07

How to fix print spooler error 1053

Print Spooler error 1053 Print Spooler error 1053 is a common error that you face on Windows while you are trying to print out from printer or trying to install a new printer. Actually this is a software error and can have many cause for it. So there are many variation for this error and …

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Sep 04

HP printer printing blank pages issue

HP printers are most commonly used printers because of its brand. Thousands of people are using it in their day to day life. But sometime it creates issues while printing document. The most common issue that user faces in HP printer is that sometime it print blank document. Let’s discuss the common issues: Printer is …

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Aug 15

HP Printer support

HP printers are most reliable printers and they have been known for their timely technical support. So many people are relied on HP printer for their personal and professional needs. Despite its efficiency HP printers sometime create issues. There are so many error code that user fails to understand. So it is important that you …

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Jul 23

How to fix HP printer error 0x61011bed

HP printers are the most reliable printers. They have known for their quality and durability. So many people use HP printers for their printing need. Although HP printers work great but sometime they also create issues and generate errors. These errors are difficult to understand for a novice user. User needs to rush to technician …

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Jul 08

How to fix HP printer error 20?

It is common to see error messages while printing documents and HP printer is no exception. You also face issues in HP printers. If you are a novice user it will be difficult for you to resolve the error on your own. One of the common error that you face in HP printer error 20. …

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Jul 08

How to fix “The printer spooler service is not running”?

You may get “Print spooler service is not running” error while printing a document or sometime while installing printer. This error occurs when there is some issue with the printer driver that is stopping spooler service from printing. To fix this issue try below methods:   First you need to restart the spooler service via …

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Jun 23

How to fix error 5100 in Cannon printer?

Cannon printers are known to be of good quality. Sometime they create issue in printing. There is nothing worse than not able to print your important document when you need it most.  Strange error message appears on screen when you try to print your document.One such error is 5100. When this error occurs you can’t …

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Jun 17

Tips to solve HP printer problems

HP printers are known for their reliability but sometime they create problem in printing. Sometime printer fails the moment you need it most. In that situation you need to rush to a technical expert, which kill your time. So today we will discuss the most common issues with HP printers and their solution. Paper jams: …

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Jun 10

Feel Free To Fix Common Printing Problems And Solutions

Printer like any other electronic device causes trouble at times. Everybody is not a technical expert to resolve printer issue on its own. In case of emergency you sometime need to rush to repair your printer. It wastes both time and money. 18tech is a platform to resolve all type of printing issue in no …

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