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Aug 24

Windows 8 is not shutting down properly

Yesterday I was reading Windows 8 forums and I found out that the most users are unable to shut down their Windows 8 properly. This is the most common issue among Windows 8 users. Let’s discuss the issues faced by users: 1. When user tries to shut down his system, Windows 8 does not shut …

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Jul 31

Fixing Windows 8 starting and shutdown issue

Have you recently updated to latest Windows 8 and facing starting and shutdown issue? If yes then you are not alone, there are so many people who are complaining about the same issue.   Sometimes you just can’t shutdown your new Windows 8, whenever you click shutdown, PC restarts and shows Blue Screen of Death error? …

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Jul 08

How to fix Windows 8 error code 41?

Windows 8 is the new Operating System developed by Microsoft. Although it works well and has amazing features but sometime it generates errors. It is not easy to resolve its errors if you are a non-technical user. You can still try the free method provided by Microsoft. One error that user encounter most of the …

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Jun 30

How to resolve Windows 8 error 0xc004c008?

If you have upgraded your OS to new Windows 8 then you may be facing some issue in it. It is common to receive errors in Windows 8 and it might be difficult for a novice user to deal with them. Although Microsoft provides free solution to resolve these errors but they may not work …

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Jun 30

How to fix Windows 8 error 1603?

It is common to receive error messages in new Windows 8. It is new Operating System developed by Microsoft. Although this new OS has great functionality and features but sometime it creates issue. It generates error while installing, upgrading new OS. You can deal with error messages own your on if you have little technical …

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Jun 23

How to fix Windows 8 error 0x0000005d?

Windows 8 is the new version of Microsoft OS. It has got so many awesome features that will blow your mind. Many users are upgrading their OS to new Windows 8 with the curiosity of trying its new features. But all the curiosity dies when user got error while installing Windows 8.It really does not …

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Jun 22

How to fix Windows 8 error 0xc00000e9?

Most of the users are upgrading their OS to Windows 8. Windows 8 is new Operating System with new and enhanced features. It has got the new Metro look. Although Windows 8 is packed with amazing features but sometime user still have to face issues at the time of accessing or booting Windows. One such …

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Jun 16

Easy Tips to solve Windows 8 errors

Have you updated your OS to Windows 8? Since it is a new OS, it is obvious to receive errors. Most of the users are facing issue with new OS. Here are the most common errors and their solutions: Error 0x80070424: This error may occur when you perform below actions: When you try to install …

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Jun 06

Free Tips to Fix Windows 8 Error Code 0x800F0906?

No one expert to solve technical issues himself, Some issues are occurs which makes you cramped and hamper your work, So you need a one click solution to resolve your error. Let to start to know about some more detail Error Code 0x800F0906   Windows 8 Error Code 0x800F0906: Some symptoms which indicate you that error has been occurred …

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