Jul 27

Dell laptop battery not charging

This is the most common issue with Dell laptop users. Dell laptop charger sometimes creates issue in charging the battery. The problem could be in charger or in battery. Whenever you plug in the charger to charge laptop, message appears “Plugged in, not charging”. You can try to fix the problem yourself if you have technical knowledge. Otherwise you need to take the help of Dell support.

To fix the issue try below method

Detect the problem: First find out why your laptop not working. It might be possible that your laptop power management software got corrupted. Or wire of laptop adapter is loose. If your power management software is corrupted then check for device manager.

Bad motherboard: Your laptop motherboard may be bad if your laptop is not charging. Check if your charger is working properly in another laptop, if it is then problem is in your motherboard.

Check AC adapter: First remove battery power from your laptop and try to switch on laptop. If it does not on then problem might be in AC adapter.

Is your laptop showing message: When you plugged in your charger in laptop a message may appear “Plugged in, not charging”. If this is the case then try below steps:

  1. Shutdown your laptop, remove battery and unplug adopter.
  2. Hold down power button for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Replace battery and plug in AC adapter.
  4. Now turn on laptop.

Try above manual methods. If they don’t work then Laptop support is needed. Call us on our toll free number to resolve any issue regarding Dell laptop. Our team of technical experts can fix the issue in no time.