Jul 21

Dell laptop keys are not working

Laptop keys are more sensitive than desktop keys. User sometime faces issue when some or all the keys of laptop do not work. This happens when user presses the key very hard or some liquid has split on keyboard. It may damage your keyboard and you may need to replace it. Sometime you can fix the issue by just cleaning the keyboard or restarting the laptop but when the problem is severe then the best way is to get Dell support from a reputed technical support company.

Here are the tips to resolve laptop keyboard issue

  1. Take a screwdriver, remove each key carefully. When keys will become lose, it will come out automatically. Also remove the rubber piece under the keys.
  2. After removing the keys, clean the keyboard properly from inside. Take cotton, dip it in to water, but avoid excess of water as it may damage your keyboard.
  3. Now clean each key that you had removed earlier and put them in to container. To clean key, use foam rubber. Leave the keys for 15 minutes, then wash them with hot water and let them dry.
  4. Now risen the rubber keys in warm water and clean them with a household cleaner. Let them dry completely.
  5. Apply lubricate on all the keys and let them dry.
  6. Similarly apply the lubricant on keyboard surface also and let it dry.
  7. After the cleaning process, reassemble the keys and place them on the keyboard. First place all the rubber keyboard and then put all the keys in their respective place.
  8. Now see if the keyboard is working properly or not.

This cleaning process may or may not fix the problem. It is best to take the help of technical experts. So call our toll free number and fix your issue in no time.