Jun 16

Easy Tips to solve Windows 8 errors

Have you updated your OS to Windows 8? Since it is a new OS, it is obvious to receive errors. Most of the users are facing issue with new OS. Here are the most common errors and their solutions:

  • Error 0x80070424: This error may occur when you perform below actions:
  • When you try to install a file and it fails to install.
  • When you try to install Windows update and it fails.
  • When you are running too many processes at the same time.
  • When you try to install Microsoft updates.
  • When you start Firewall.

Error 1722: This error may occurs when you try to install FSX with Windows 8 and it may freeze your computer screen You may also receive error message like Windows 8 problem needs to be fixed.

Error 1719: This error usually occurs when java file is not installed for Windows installer package.

Error 0xc0000001: This error can occur due to any system issue like slow driver or any error and show blue screen of death.

Error 0x800F0906: This error may occur when you try to install MS .Net Framework on Windows 8. The other reasons of occurring of this error might be firewall or network proxy.

Error 0x00005D: This error may occur when you are trying to install Windows 8 using virtualization software.

Error 0xc00000e9: This error may occur when you try to update your Operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

Error 5D: This issue occurs when your CPU is not compatible with PAE, SSE2 and NX.

Error 0x80072f8f: This is Windows update error and usually occurs when you update any Windows application.

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