Jun 10

Feel Free To Fix Common Printing Problems And Solutions

Printer like any other electronic device causes trouble at times. Everybody is not a technical expert to resolve printer issue on its own. In case of emergency you sometime need to rush to repair your printer. It wastes both time and money.

18tech is a platform to resolve all type of printing issue in no time. Out technical expert are here to solve your printer issue. Just make a call.

Most common printer issues are:

  1. Printer is working too slowly: Your printer may be too old and up gradation is needed.1370901153_multifunction_printer

  2. Paper jam: This issue occurs when paper is stuck in printer.

  3. Driver is missing: Your printer driver is either missing or damaged.

  4. Network issue: Some serious network issue has occurred.

  5. Printer not showing power indicator: When printer is not connected properly to power outlet.

  6. Not printing anything: The problem may be in print driver, server or physical printer itself.

  7. A driver is not listed: You may be using updated version of Windows.

  8. Printing blank pages: It may be possible that you are short of ink or print head dried out.

  9. Large fonts are printing: The reason might be the corrupt fonts.

  10. Printer can’t be located: Naming convention of printer does not match.

For any of the above issue you can call our technical expert. We are happy to help you.