Jul 03

How to fix Dell Laptop error 0141?

No doubt Dell laptops are best in terms of quality, durability, warranty and technical support but still some time it creates an issue. Dell laptop also faces issues related to hardware and software. And it is important to deal with them on time to avoid any data loss. The most common error in Dell laptop or PC is error 0141.

Error 0141:

Error 0141 is related to hard disk. It may cause your system to shut down abruptly or can crash your system or make your system slow.

Most common causes of the error:

  1. Corruption in hard disk.
  2. Corruption in registry settings.
  3. Virus attack.
  4. Damaged online downloads.

How to fix the issue?

  1. First run the Dell self test, it is a software provided by Dell to check for errors. So run this utility to know the root cause of the error. It will give you the right direction of solving the error.
  2. Next check your hard disk for corruption. If it is corrupt then it is the reason for the error.
  3. The virus may also be the reason behind the error. So scan your system for virus. Run a reliable antivirus to remove the virus. Before running antivius, start your system in safe mode and then run the antivirus. After your system boots, run the antivirus. Full scan will take atleast 1 hour. After completion of scanning remove all the malicious items.
  4. If the error continues to occur then you need to check your registry setting. Corruption in registry setting may also cause this error. Registry stores all the information about your system. So clean your registry with cleaner.
  5. Check your system for any recently installed applications like games or any other software. Corrupt installation of any application may also cause this error. So uninstall the corrupt application.

If the above methods fail to resolve the error then call our technical experts. Our team of highly skilled experts will resolve any issue regarding laptop in no time.