Jul 08

How to fix HP printer error 20?

It is common to see error messages while printing documents and HP printer is no exception. You also face issues in HP printers. If you are a novice user it will be difficult for you to resolve the error on your own. One of the common error that you face in HP printer error 20. This error may occur when your printer is not configured properly. When you try to print a document this error will occur.

Error 20: “Insufficient memory”, “Overflow”, “Not enough space”, “Printer not activated”.

Causes and solutions

  1. The error may occurs due to outdated printer driver, improper installation of printer on your system, Windows is unable to connect with your printer. To resolve the error make your printer default printer and then reinstall your printer.
  2. Another cause could be that a printer job is taking more memory than the usual capacity of printer. Add more memory to resolve the error.
  3. This error may also occurs due to corrupt registry. So it is recommended to clean the registry using a good registry cleaner program.
  4. Lower the graphics and images pixel to simplify the printer job.
  5. Check whether memory card is inserted properly or not. It can sometime become loose while moving your printer.
  6. Read printer manual to solve the printer error.

Try above manual steps to repair the error. If it does not help then call our technical expert to resolve any issue regarding printer. You call us on our toll free number.