Jul 31

Fixing Windows 8 starting and shutdown issue

Have you recently updated to latest Windows 8 and facing starting and shutdown issue? If yes then you are not alone, there are so many people who are complaining about the same issue.   Sometimes you just can’t shutdown your new Windows 8, whenever you click shutdown, PC restarts and shows Blue Screen of Death error? This problem can occurs due to many reasons like problem in device driver, hybrid mode, virus attack and many more. With such issues you can’t work properly with Windows 8. These issues need to be resolved quickly so that you can work without any problem. To fix this issue you can try following methods:

Outdated driver: Outdated driver of any printer, audio or video card can damage the shutdown process of your new OS. So, first update all the driver software through Windows Update. To do that, press the Windows key on your keyboard and type Windows Update in the search bar. From here you can download all the latest updates.

Outdated BIOS: Outdated BIOS is also one of the reason behind Windows shutdown and restart issue. To update the BIOS, download the latest BIOS file from official website of Microsoft. After downloading the file run it on your system and then restart your PC.

Power troubleshooter: Press ‘’Windows + w’’ -> Search bar and type Trobleshooting and press Enter button. Go to System & Security-> Power. Now it will search for power related issue and fix them automatically.

Scan your PC for virus: If your PC has been infected with virus then it will create issue in normal shutdown of your Windows 8. So run a virus scan and remove the virus.

If above methods does not fix the issue you can always call us for fixing any issue related to Windows 8. Just dial our toll free number and get the best possible solution.