Jun 06

Free Tips to Fix Windows 8 Error Code 0x800F0906?

No one expert to solve technical issues himself, Some issues are occurs which makes you cramped and hamper your work, So you need a one click solution to resolve your error. Let to start to know about some more detail Error Code 0x800F0906


Windows 8 Error Code 0x800F0906: Some symptoms which indicate you that error has been occurred in your system :


  • When you try to install “.Net Framework 3.5” on a Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 and don’t have internet connection established.


  • Your internet connection’s being blocked by Firewall, ISP, or Administrator. First of all, check if your Firewall isn’t blocking such services as “WindowsUpdate”.


  • Windows couldn’t complete the requested changes.


  • Windows couldn’t connect to the Internet to download necessary files. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, and press “Retry” to try again.


  • Error code: 0x800F0906



  1. Have you made any changes to the computer prior to this issue?


  1. Which version of .net framework are you trying to install?


  1. How are you trying to install .net framework?


Cause of Error Code 0x800F0906: Some common causes are mentioned here which described by Microsoft experts:


  • In Windows 8 and in Windows Server 2012, the .Net Framework 3.5 is a Feature on Demand. The metadata for Features on Demand are included in Windows 8 and in Windows Server 2012. However, the binaries and other files associated with the feature are not included. When you enable the feature, Windows tries to contact Windows Update to download the missing information to install the feature. 


  • The network configuration and how computers are configured to install updates in the environment can affect this process. Therefore, you may encounter errors when you first install such features.


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