Aug 22

How to fix Acer laptop error “no bootable device”?

Acer laptops are used by millions of people. It is not uncommon to see error messages in Acer laptop. One most common error that user faces in their Acer laptop is error message “No bootable device”. This error occurs when your computer is unable to find hard disk and since it can’t find hard disk, it has problem in booting computer. This error also occurs when computer does not find proper OS to boot from. Let’s discuss the common symptoms of this error.

  1. User is working on his Acer laptop when screen suddenly becomes blank and error message appears on screen.
  2. Acer laptop working fine but suddenly screen went blank with a beep sound and no bootable device message appears.
  3. Whenever a Windows update occurs an error message appear saying “Windows has encountered an error and needs to shut down to prevent any damages. Press any key to restart”. Now when you press any key an error occurs saying no bootable device is found.
  4. When user try to install new Windows 8 by removing hard disk and when putting hard disk back the error message no bootable device appears.

How to fix the error?

If you try to fix the error manually all by yourself you may end up creating more trouble for you because these types of errors are not so easy to resolve. You need to take the help of technical experts. 18 tech is an online technical support company specialized in resolving laptop issues, It provide 24*7 online support through phone and email. It also provides free diagnosis of error. It has a very big team of technical experts that help in fixing error in no time.