Aug 25

How to fix “Can’t open Internet Explorer” issue?

Internet Explorer is Microsoft best web browser and now since it come as standard browser in Windows 7, it become more popular. But I have seen sometime create issues like it does not open, it opens and close immediately and many more. Let’s discuss the most common issue with Internet Explorer and their fix:
1. Internet Explorer does not open link: Sometime when user try to open a link it does not open in Internet Explorer.
2. User can’t open new Internet Explorer window or nothing happen when he clicks on a link: A blank window will appear or Explorer does not response.
3. When user tries to open Internet Explorer, it open and then close immediately: This problem occurs when Internet Explorer is corrupt.
4. When user tries to open Internet Explorer it generates error message.
5. Sometime Internet Explorer does not open in Windows 8, Windows 7 etc. This issue is related with Operating System not with Internet Explorer.
How to fix the issue?
1. Check your antivirus and firewall settings: Since antivirus are complex programs, they sometime conflict with Internet Explorer. So disable them and see if you are now able to open Internet Explorer.
2. Check add-ons: Sometime Internet Explorer add-ons create problem if they are not installed correctly or poorly programmed. Go to Tools-> manage Add-ins to check the settings.
Easy way to fix the issue
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