Jul 07

How to fix code 31 errors in Windows

Code 31 Errors
A Code 31 error is caused by problems with the driver of the offending device. Driver errors such as Code 31 suggest multiple possbilities when attempting to determine the root cause of the problem. Driver errors can occur unexpectedly, and at any time. Although, driver errors typically occur due to the following common causes.

Common causes of Code 31 errors…
• The driver is not installed.
• The driver is missing.
• The driver is out-of-date.
• The driver is corrupt.
• A previous attempt to update the driver failed.
• The device is not configured as the default device.
• The device is not plugged in correctly or all the way.
• The device is damaged.

In some cases, a Code 31 error is the result of a misconfigured image path for the driver. Windows knows where to look for a driver by referencing it’s image path in the registry. If the image path is incorrect, the driver will not load. The driver might be fully functional and without corruption, but it cannot be loaded by the operating system if it cannot be found.

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