Jun 23

How to fix error 5100 in Cannon printer?

Cannon printers are known to be of good quality. Sometime they create issue in printing. There is nothing worse than not able to print your important document when you need it most.  Strange error message appears on screen when you try to print your document.One such error is 5100. When this error occurs you can’t print anything. Let’s discuss the cause behind this error.

Cause of the error:

  1. It is a carriage home position error that prevents carriage from printing the document. It may harm your hardware also.
  2. Corrupt print driver.

How to fix the error?

  1. Unplug the printer, open it and look for some paper or dirt in it.Remove the dirt.
  2. Lubricate the printer with grease.
  3. See if there is paper jam.
  4. Reinstall printer driver.

Make sure to perform all these activities by unplugging the printer.

The above solution may not work always. You can try this manual steps when you have lot of time but what if you need to print a document on urgent basis. What will you do then? Do you rush to technician in the hope that he will fix the error in few minutes? But it is also a time consuming process. We have an easy solution for you. You just need to call on our toll free number to get instant help.We are fastest growing online technical support provider and resolve all kind of printer issue. Our highly skilled technical experts provide 24*7 technical support. So what are you waiting for? Call now.