Aug 24

How to fix HP laptop not turning on issue?

HP laptops are known for their quality and reliability but like any other device, it too has bugs. They sometime behave abnormally and generate error messages. It is difficult to understand the error sometime even for a technical user. At that point of time HP support comes to rescue. One most common issue that HP laptop user faces is when they unable to turn on their laptops. Let’s discuss the most common issues that user face:
1. When user was working on laptop, suddenly laptop went off. Even if user take off battery and put it back still won’t work.
2. Laptop suddenly shut down and become overheated. So if you take out the battery to make it cool and again try to start your laptop, it won’t start. Even if you take batteries off and try to turn it on the result would be same.
3. Laptop is not turning on. When user presses the on button, it just turned on one blue light of middle charge button.
4. Laptop is not turning on but showing that it is charging.
5. Laptop is not even charging even. It is also not recognizing the AC adapter.
Causes of HP laptop not turning on issue
1. Dead battery may prevent your laptop from turning on even if you have plugged in the charger.
2. A faulty adapter can prevent power from getting to the laptop.
3. Bad hard drive is also one of the reason for this issue.
4. Bad motherboard also stops your laptop from turning on.
How to fix the issue?
You can easily fix the above issue with the help of technical support. 18 Tech provide quick and effective HP support 24*7. You can also call on our toll free number.