Jul 23

How to fix HP printer error 0x61011bed

HP printers are the most reliable printers. They have known for their quality and durability. So many people use HP printers for their printing need. Although HP printers work great but sometime they also create issues and generate errors. These errors are difficult to understand for a novice user. User needs to rush to technician to fix the issue. It takes lot of time and money.

One common error that user face with is error code 0x61011bed. When you plug your printer you may see “General Printer error 0x61011bed- refer to documentation” error message on your computer screen. This error may occur when there is an issue with print head. I also faced with this issue and tried many methods to fix the error. I checked plugs, printer cartridges ant uninstall and re install the software but in vain. Then I tried below solution and it worked:

  1. First open the printer and remove the cartridges.
  2. Clean printer head using cotton.
  3. Properly clean the printer head with until there is no ink coming out.
  4. Now let the printer dry.
  5. Now try to print.

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