Jul 08

How to fix “The printer spooler service is not running”?

You may get “Print spooler service is not running” error while printing a document or sometime while installing printer. This error occurs when there is some issue with the printer driver that is stopping spooler service from printing. To fix this issue try below methods:


  1. First you need to restart the spooler service via command prompt. To start the spooler services from command prompt go to Start, type cmd and press Enter button. Now type “net start spooler” in the command prompt and press Enter button. Try to print your document now and if you still can’t print then try next method.
  2. One of the reasons of above error could be firewall protection. It might happen that your firewall setting is blocking or preventing your printer from printing. So turn off the firewall and check if you are able to print now.
  3. Next, uninstall and reinstall your printer and try to install the latest version of printer driver.
  4. A virus can also cause this error so scan your system for it and update the latest version of antivirus.
  5. If you are still getting error then install the latest service pack of Windows and reboot your system. Check if error is still occurring.
  6. If all the above solutions fail to resolve the error then you can take the help of technical experts. You can call our highly skilled experts and they will fix any issue regarding printer. Just dial our toll free number.