Jun 23

How to fix Windows 8 error 0x0000005d?

Windows 8 is the new version of Microsoft OS. It has got so many awesome features that will blow your mind. Many users are upgrading their OS to new Windows 8 with the curiosity of trying its new features. But all the curiosity dies when user got error while installing Windows 8.It really does not mean that Windows 8 is not good or your system has some problem. Every new technology takes time to adjust or for new user to understand. You just need to learn how to work on new technology. The error occurs may be because your hardware is not compatible with new OS.

Error message

“Your PC needs to restart. Please hold down the power button. Error code 0x0000005d”

Cause of error

This error most likely to occurs when you are trying to install Windows 8 on your PC because Windows 8 is not compatible with all type of processors. To install Windows 8 without any error you must have a processor with feature “No Execute”. If you have Intel processor this feature is named as “Execute Disable” here and “No Execute” for AMD processor.

How to solve this error?

  1. Go to BIOS-> Data Execution Prevention.
  2. Enable option Virtualization Technology.
  3. After you enter BIOS setting.
  4. Go to Advanced and then select processor-> No Execute Memory Protection.
  5. Save changes and exit BIOS.

Try above manual steps to resolve this error. If it does not work, then you can call us on our toll free number to get technical support. We will help you in resolving all issues regarding Windows 8. We are a growing technical support company and provide 24*7 support.You can also mail us