Jun 22

How to fix Windows 8 error 0xc00000e9?

Most of the users are upgrading their OS to Windows 8. Windows 8 is new Operating System with new and enhanced features. It has got the new Metro look. Although Windows 8 is packed with amazing features but sometime user still have to face issues at the time of accessing or booting Windows. One such error that occurs while you are booting your Windows system is “Error code 0xc00000e9”. Here is the error message that appears on your screen:

“Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer. If you want to continue receive this error message contact the hardware manufacturer”.

Above is an I/O error. It mostly occurs when Windows Registry got damaged. This error may cause hard disk corruption or data loss. When this error occurs computer screen becomes black and its performance also slow down.

Common causes behind the error:

  1. Corrupted file system.
  2. Uncompleted installation of Windows Installer program.
  3. Virus attack.
  4. Wrong registry entry.
  5. Out dated Windows driver.

Symptoms of error:

  1. Slow performance of Windows.
  2. Hard disk corruption.
  3. Shortage of space in hard disk.

How to fix error?

Follow below simple steps to fix this error:

  1. First reboot your system.
  2. Now click the Repair option.
  3. Go to Safe mode and again click the repair option. You may also need to complete the driver update for Windows.
  4. If you have attached CD, DVD or any other removable storage device to your computer then remove them and then reboot your system.
  5. Update your system with latest BIOS.

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