Jun 30

How to fix Windows 8 error 1603?

It is common to receive error messages in new Windows 8. It is new Operating System developed by Microsoft. Although this new OS has great functionality and features but sometime it creates issue. It generates error while installing, upgrading new OS. You can deal with error messages own your on if you have little technical knowledge by using the solutions provided by Microsoft. These are the free methods that you can try to resolve any error. But if these methods fail to resolve the error then you can take the help of technical experts.

Error message

Error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation

Main causes behind the error

  1. When you try to install Windows Installer software in a folder which is encrypted.
  2. The folder of the Windows Installer software is stored in a substitute drive.
  3. You don’t have full control permission on the folder in which you are trying to install Windows Installer Software.

How to fix the error?

  1. Install the Windows Installer software is a non encrypted folder:  It is recommended to install the Windows Installer software on a non encrypted folder.
  2. Don’t install Windows Installer software on a substitute drive: A substitute drive is a virtual drive and if you install your software on it, Windows will not be able to read the files. So to avoid this error make sure you install Windows Installer on a non-substitute drive.
  3. Full permission of the installation folder:  The folder in which you are trying to install Window installer should have permission to access the files.
  4. Clean registry entries: Every installation program stores its configuration in registry and if this configuration is broken then above error may occur.
  5. Stop all the background process: If background programs are running while installing then also error may occur. So stop all the background processes.

If above methods fail to resolve the error then call our technical experts for help. We can help you solve any error related to Windows 8.