Jul 23

How to resolve Dell Laptop error code 0146

Although Dell laptops are known for their quality, long warranty, best manufacturer support but that does not mean you will never face any issue. Dell laptop also creates issue like any other device. One common issue that Dell laptop user face is error code 0146.his error is related to hard disk. When this error occurs your laptop may freeze or stop responding and can make leave your hard disk damaged. You may even lose your data. Replacing hard disk is one of the solution.

This error occurs when you over charge your battery which directly impact your hard disk and make it corrupt. Before performing any steps to resolve this error make sure you backup your data. Here are the methods to resolve the error:

Check for virus: Virus can also make your hard disk corrupt. Run a virus scan and also update your antivirus with latest security definitions. After thorough scanning of system, remove the infections and check if your laptop is working fine now.

Hard disk diagnosis: Now run a hard disk diagnosis. To perform this step your laptop must be fully charged because interruption in diagnosis may cause more damage to your laptop. Now first turn off your laptop then start it again and press F12 key until Diagnosis option appears. When you click on diagnosis, test will run to detect the problem. If you still see error code that means problem still persist so try next method.

Check hard disk configuration: Check your laptop BIOS settings and see if HDD is changed from SATA drive to AHCI SATA. If it is change it back to SATA. Format your system and install the hard disk again.

It might be possible that above solution may not resolve the error. So the best way is to get best Dell support. You just need to dial our toll free number for the free diagnosis of error.