Sep 04

HP printer printing blank pages issue

HP printers are most commonly used printers because of its brand. Thousands of people are using it in their day to day life. But sometime it creates issues while printing document. The most common issue that user faces in HP printer is that sometime it print blank document. Let’s discuss the common issues:

  1. Printer is printing blank page even after changing ink.
  2. Printer is printing blank pages even after changing print head.
  3. Printer is printing only first page blank rest are fine.
  4. It seems that documents printing but result is blank pages. Changing the black cartridge to coloured also not making any difference.

Check for following issues

  1. Check if you have made any changes to your computer?
  2. Check if you are getting any error message while printing?
  3. Run printer troubleshooter to automatically diagnosis printer errors and fix the problem.
  4. To open printer troubleshooter , go to Start-> Control Panel-> Hardware and Sound-> Troubleshooting.
  5. Click Use a printer.
  6. You can fix this issue by clearing printer spooler files.

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