Aug 15

HP Printer support

HP printers are most reliable printers and they have been known for their timely technical support. So many people are relied on HP printer for their personal and professional needs. Despite its efficiency HP printers sometime create issues. There are so many error code that user fails to understand. So it is important that you must be aware about these errors to avoid problem in future.

Here are some most common error codes:

  1. Error code 10: This error indicates “Supplies memory error”. It occurs when there is some problem in memory chip.
  2. Error code 11: This error means “paper out”. It occurs due to paper overloading.
  3. Error code 12: This error means “No cartridge”. It occurs when there is no cartridge in the printer or printer is open.
  4. Error code 13: This error means “Paper jam”. It occurs when you overload paper in the printer.
  5. Error 14: This error means “No toner cartridge”. It occurs when your printer is low on cartridge.
  6. Error 21: This error means “Printer overrun”. It occurs when printer job exceed printer memory.
  7. Error 22: This error means “I/O” error. It occurs when there is issue between your PC and printer.
  8. Error 24: This error means “Job memory full”. It occurs when too many jobs have been send to printer for printing.
  9. Error 25: This means “memory full”. It occurs when a job is too complex for the printer to print.

These are the most common error codes that occur when printing. Since printer is required in our day to day life and if it stops working then it became difficult to complete the job on time. So it important to fix any printer issue on time. For HP printer support you can call us on our toll free number 1-800-924-4927.