Sep 01

Internet Explorer not responding

Is your Internet Explorer is troubling you? Does it hangs, freezes or stop responding? Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser but it does create issues sometime. This problem may occurs due to add-ins. You can fix this issue by following below manual steps if you are a technical user.

Causes of the issue:

  1. Internet Explorer becomes unusable due to browser add-ins or plug-ins.
  2. Startup of Internet Explorer is slow.

How to fix the issue?

  1. Change settings:  Open Internet Explorer-> Manage add-ons, remove add-ons that are not needed. Click disable button and close.
  2. Enable the phishing filter if it is disabled.
  3. Turn on the pop up blocker of Internet Explorer.
  4. Make sure security setting is set to recommended settings.
  5. Above issue also occurs if cache size is either too big or too small. So set its size to 50-250 MB.
  6. If server connection is set to too low then also Internet Explorer hangs or freezes. So reset the settings to default.
  7. Also make sure Data Execution Prevention is enabling.
  8. Make Internet Explorer your default browser.

Above solutions may or may not work. So to fix this issue you can take the help of technical experts. We are a leading online technical support company. Our team of highly skilled experts can help you in fixing the issue quickly. You just need to dial our toll free number 1-800-924-4927 for best browser support.