Aug 09

Keyboard is not working on Acer laptop problems Windows 7

I have noticed some issues with Acer Laptop While users are working with Windows 7, Most of the users are getting keyboard is not working problem. So I am sharing some common issue which already faced by our users.

Keyboard is not working on Acer laptop problems Windows 7

Condition 1:  Actually, just 5 or 6 of the keys are working at first but when I try to use on-screen keyboard, the keyboard does not working at all not even one key. I have tried many solutions but none of them can help it.

Condition 2: I have had this problem on Windows 7 with my Acer laptop TravelMate 4220. I believe anyone with integrated Intel graphics will experience this problem on a Windows Machine.

I loaded Linux on the machine where the laptop keyboard worked perfectly and so I eliminated the hardware problem. I also tried different drivers in Windows 7 and updated all the chipset drivers and graphics drivers to no avail.

Condition 3: My Acer laptop keyboard is not working after i installed windows 7 it. Initially it had windows vista and a local IT Technician installed windows 7 because it was slow and now the keyboard is stuck. no keys working so i cannot even press enter key when in windows login mode.
Please help.

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