Aug 31

Lenovo Support

You just bought a new Lenovo laptop and happy with glowing LED screen and beautiful light display. Now when you plugged in charger to charge your laptop you receive an error message “Plugged in not charging”. You wonder what went wrong. Sometime this issue can be fix by just replacing a battery or with a software tweak but other time you need to rush to service shop to replace your system. You can yourself check the issue, here is how:

  1. Check AC adapter: Check if your AC laptop is working properly or not. Remove battery and see if your laptop is working only with the help of AC adapter. If it does not work then you may need to replace the AC adapter. Or it may be possible that your battery is faulty.
  2. Have you properly plugged in: If your charger is not properly plugged in then no hardware software can make it work. Also check removable chords are properly inserted. Sometime the laptop fuse where you insert charger become unusable so plug in your charger in some other laptop and see if it works.
  3. Bad motherboard: Bad motherboard is also one of the reason of not charging. So check it.
  4. Overheating laptop: Not charging sometime also occurs due to overheating of laptop. When the temperature of laptop rises due to overheating, laptop assumes that either battery is fully charged or completely missing. If your laptop have no cooling down technology then this problem becomes worse.
  5. Check settings: Check power options in Control panel of your laptop. Check settings for battery and sleep options. This problem also occurs if you shut down your laptop when battery is too low.

The above methods can fix your issue if you are a technical user. If it does not help then call us on our toll free number 1-800-924-4927 for best Lenovo support.