Aug 25

Most common Sony digital camera issues and their fix

People love to click pictures when on holidays, with their loved ones or otherwise. Almost everyone is having digital camera to capture their beautiful moments. Many of us love to keep these beautiful memories with us forever. Since digital cameras are most popular today for clicking pictures, sometime user faces issue with their digital camera. Let’s discuss the common issues with Sony digital camera and their fix.

  1. Camera can’t be turned on: When you can’t turn on your digital camera it might be possible that battery is discharged. If this is not the case the possibility is dirty terminal of camera.
  2. Camera has been turned off automatically: In this case check to confirm that Auto Power off is not set to automatically turned off.
  3. Can’t charge the battery of your Sony camera: If your camera battery light is not blinking while charging, chances are terminal may be dirty. Wipe the dust off terminal. Or check if you have properly inserted the battery inside your camera or not.
  4. No function of camera is working even if camera power is on: To fix this issue, turn off your camera, remove the battery or AC adapter then turn on the power again.
  5. Camera flash is not working: Check your camera flash settings, it may be set to off.
  6. Image color is not natural or good: Adjust the color tone by setting White balance to cloudy, daylight etc.

These are the most common issues that user face with their Sony digital camera. If you are facing any of the above issue or any issue with your camera, We can help you. We are an online technical support company and provide best Sony digital camera support. Just dial our toll free number 1-800-924-4927 to fix the issue instantly.