Sep 04

HP printer printing blank pages issue

HP printers are most commonly used printers because of its brand. Thousands of people are using it in their day to day life. But sometime it creates issues while printing document. The most common issue that user faces in HP printer is that sometime it print blank document. Let’s discuss the common issues:

  1. Printer is printing blank page even after changing ink.
  2. Printer is printing blank pages even after changing print head.
  3. Printer is printing only first page blank rest are fine.
  4. It seems that documents printing but result is blank pages. Changing the black cartridge to coloured also not making any difference.

Check for following issues

  1. Check if you have made any changes to your computer?
  2. Check if you are getting any error message while printing?
  3. Run printer troubleshooter to automatically diagnosis printer errors and fix the problem.
  4. To open printer troubleshooter , go to Start-> Control Panel-> Hardware and Sound-> Troubleshooting.
  5. Click Use a printer.
  6. You can fix this issue by clearing printer spooler files.

If you are still not able to fix the issue then we can help you. HP printer errors are not that easy to fix. Sometime even technical users fail to understand the error.  We are a leading online technical support company and our team of highly skilled experts will fix the issue in no time. We provide best HP support. We help you in saving your time and money by providing online technical support. You can call us any time as we provide 24*7 technical support. You can dial our toll free number for the free diagnosis of the error.

Sep 01

Internet Explorer not responding

Is your Internet Explorer is troubling you? Does it hangs, freezes or stop responding? Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser but it does create issues sometime. This problem may occurs due to add-ins. You can fix this issue by following below manual steps if you are a technical user.

Causes of the issue:

  1. Internet Explorer becomes unusable due to browser add-ins or plug-ins.
  2. Startup of Internet Explorer is slow.

How to fix the issue?

  1. Change settings:  Open Internet Explorer-> Manage add-ons, remove add-ons that are not needed. Click disable button and close.
  2. Enable the phishing filter if it is disabled.
  3. Turn on the pop up blocker of Internet Explorer.
  4. Make sure security setting is set to recommended settings.
  5. Above issue also occurs if cache size is either too big or too small. So set its size to 50-250 MB.
  6. If server connection is set to too low then also Internet Explorer hangs or freezes. So reset the settings to default.
  7. Also make sure Data Execution Prevention is enabling.
  8. Make Internet Explorer your default browser.

Above solutions may or may not work. So to fix this issue you can take the help of technical experts. We are a leading online technical support company. Our team of highly skilled experts can help you in fixing the issue quickly. You just need to dial our toll free number 1-800-924-4927 for best browser support.





Aug 31

Lenovo Support

You just bought a new Lenovo laptop and happy with glowing LED screen and beautiful light display. Now when you plugged in charger to charge your laptop you receive an error message “Plugged in not charging”. You wonder what went wrong. Sometime this issue can be fix by just replacing a battery or with a software tweak but other time you need to rush to service shop to replace your system. You can yourself check the issue, here is how:

  1. Check AC adapter: Check if your AC laptop is working properly or not. Remove battery and see if your laptop is working only with the help of AC adapter. If it does not work then you may need to replace the AC adapter. Or it may be possible that your battery is faulty.
  2. Have you properly plugged in: If your charger is not properly plugged in then no hardware software can make it work. Also check removable chords are properly inserted. Sometime the laptop fuse where you insert charger become unusable so plug in your charger in some other laptop and see if it works.
  3. Bad motherboard: Bad motherboard is also one of the reason of not charging. So check it.
  4. Overheating laptop: Not charging sometime also occurs due to overheating of laptop. When the temperature of laptop rises due to overheating, laptop assumes that either battery is fully charged or completely missing. If your laptop have no cooling down technology then this problem becomes worse.
  5. Check settings: Check power options in Control panel of your laptop. Check settings for battery and sleep options. This problem also occurs if you shut down your laptop when battery is too low.

The above methods can fix your issue if you are a technical user. If it does not help then call us on our toll free number 1-800-924-4927 for best Lenovo support.

Aug 28

Resolve Flash player not working

Adobe Flash Player is needed to create and view movies, videos or other multimedia. It is a product of Adobe system. Although it is great software but sometime it creates issue in installation. The issue user faces when installing Adobe Flash Player are given below:
1. When user try to install Adobe Flash Player it does not install and generate error message saying “Close the following application that are using Flash in order to install”.
2. Adobe Flash Player is not working in Internet Explorer. This issue occurs in 64 bit edition of Internet Explorer.
3. User has properly installed Adobe Flash Player but when he tried to play video it says you don’t have flashed installed.
Most common causes of error
1. Failed to initialize: This issue occurs due to antivirus software. Some of the antivirus software like Comodo, Jiangmin are treating Adobe Flash Player as malware. Antivirus vendors are working on this issue.
2. An older version of Adobe Flash Player is already installed: It might be possible that an older version of Adobe Flash player have been already installed on your system. If it is there on your system then first uninstall it and then install the newer version.
3. Only a single instance of application can run: It happens when user try to run more than two instances of Adobe Flash Player simultaneously. To resolve this error close one of the instance.
4. The existing Flash player is in use: It happens if some application is already running the flash player. To resolve this issue close the already running program.
5. Unable to load main bundle: This error occurs if VerSign certification is not installed in your system.
To resolve any issue regarding Adobe Flash Player you can contact us on our toll free number 1-800-924-4927.

Aug 26

Common PST errors and how to resolve them

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair
MS Outlook is the most widely used email application. So many people use it for their personal and professional user. Outlook stores all its data like emails, contacts, tasks, calenders in a sing PST file. If this PST file becomes corrupt due to any reason, user may suffer the loss of his important data if he won’t take the immediate action. When you try to open damaged PST file you may encounter various error messages. Let’s discuss the common error messages that user faces.

  1. The file abc.PST is not a personal folder file: This error occurs when you try to open a damaged PST file. If the header of your PST file is damaged then MS Outlook will not recognize the file and generate the above error message.
  2. The file abc.PST could not be found: You may receive this error message when you start your Outlook application. This error may occur if your PST file is damaged or it is located on a server that is currently unavailable.
  3. Unable to display the folder. The file abc.PST could not be accessed. Access denied: This message occurs when you try to open your Outlook mail. The reason behind this error is corrupt PST.
  4. Abc.PST can’t be accessed: This error occurs when PST file index is corrupt.
  5. MS Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience: This error occurs due to various reasons like corrupt PST, errors in Outlook program, insufficient system resources etc.
  6. File abc.PST could not be accessed. Data error. Cyclic redundancy check: This error occurs when you download email attachments to your computer. The reason behind this error is corrupt PST file.

To resolve any MS Outlook error, you can contact us on our toll free number 1-800-924-4927. We are a leading online technical support company and provide best MS Outlook support.


Aug 26

Toshiba laptop support

Toshiba is the international brand that deals in Laptops, printers, scanners, desktops etc. Nobody can doubt the quality of Toshiba products but like any other device it too has some bugs. The latest release in laptop is Toshiba Satellite which has amazing eye caching features. But recently it has been found that users are facing some problem with their Toshiba Satellite laptop. Let’s discuss the common issues.

  1. Overheating issue: Overheating of Toshiba laptop is the most common user that user faced with. Laptop got overheats if there is too much load on CPU. When you run a very complex program that consumes large portion of CPU then laptop gets overheated and cause sudden shut down of laptop. To fix this issue you just need to call for Toshiba technical support that will clean your laptop cooling fan to prevent overheating.
  2. Memory issue: Defective on board memory is reported to be the most troubling issue in Toshiba satellite laptops. It interferes with the normal functioning of laptop. When you experience some random symbols on your laptop screen after restarting it that means there is defective on board memory issue in your laptop. You can run some random test to confirm the issue or seek technical experts help to fix the issue.
  3. Driver’s issue: Different models of Toshiba satellite have different drivers. It has been recently reported that Toshiba laptops are suffering from compatibility issue with other software. These drivers become corrupted or unusable due to malicious infection. Call KBS It solution for Toshiba technical support and get rid of this issue quickly.
  4. Power jack issue: Faulty power jack is also one of the issue that trouble Toshiba laptop users. This issue can also be fixed by technical experts.


Aug 25

Most common Sony digital camera issues and their fix

People love to click pictures when on holidays, with their loved ones or otherwise. Almost everyone is having digital camera to capture their beautiful moments. Many of us love to keep these beautiful memories with us forever. Since digital cameras are most popular today for clicking pictures, sometime user faces issue with their digital camera. Let’s discuss the common issues with Sony digital camera and their fix.

  1. Camera can’t be turned on: When you can’t turn on your digital camera it might be possible that battery is discharged. If this is not the case the possibility is dirty terminal of camera.
  2. Camera has been turned off automatically: In this case check to confirm that Auto Power off is not set to automatically turned off.
  3. Can’t charge the battery of your Sony camera: If your camera battery light is not blinking while charging, chances are terminal may be dirty. Wipe the dust off terminal. Or check if you have properly inserted the battery inside your camera or not.
  4. No function of camera is working even if camera power is on: To fix this issue, turn off your camera, remove the battery or AC adapter then turn on the power again.
  5. Camera flash is not working: Check your camera flash settings, it may be set to off.
  6. Image color is not natural or good: Adjust the color tone by setting White balance to cloudy, daylight etc.

These are the most common issues that user face with their Sony digital camera. If you are facing any of the above issue or any issue with your camera, We can help you. We are an online technical support company and provide best Sony digital camera support. Just dial our toll free number 1-800-924-4927 to fix the issue instantly.

Aug 25

How to fix “Can’t open Internet Explorer” issue?

Internet Explorer is Microsoft best web browser and now since it come as standard browser in Windows 7, it become more popular. But I have seen sometime create issues like it does not open, it opens and close immediately and many more. Let’s discuss the most common issue with Internet Explorer and their fix:
1. Internet Explorer does not open link: Sometime when user try to open a link it does not open in Internet Explorer.
2. User can’t open new Internet Explorer window or nothing happen when he clicks on a link: A blank window will appear or Explorer does not response.
3. When user tries to open Internet Explorer, it open and then close immediately: This problem occurs when Internet Explorer is corrupt.
4. When user tries to open Internet Explorer it generates error message.
5. Sometime Internet Explorer does not open in Windows 8, Windows 7 etc. This issue is related with Operating System not with Internet Explorer.
How to fix the issue?
1. Check your antivirus and firewall settings: Since antivirus are complex programs, they sometime conflict with Internet Explorer. So disable them and see if you are now able to open Internet Explorer.
2. Check add-ons: Sometime Internet Explorer add-ons create problem if they are not installed correctly or poorly programmed. Go to Tools-> manage Add-ins to check the settings.
Easy way to fix the issue
Above solutions may or may not work. In this situation we can help you. We provide best browser support. Our team of highly skilled experts helps you quickly solve any browser issue. Just dial our toll free number 1-800-924-4927.

Aug 24

Windows 8 is not shutting down properly

Yesterday I was reading Windows 8 forums and I found out that the most users are unable to shut down their Windows 8 properly. This is the most common issue among Windows 8 users. Let’s discuss the issues faced by users:
1. When user tries to shut down his system, Windows 8 does not shut down properly. Hard drive keeps on running with a blank screen. User is able to shut down his laptop only by pressing power button for long.
2. System is not shutting down even after pressing power button. Screen will show “Shutting down” but it never shut down actually.
3. When user presses shut down button, instead of shutting down it restarts.
4. When user tries to shut down his system he came across a restarting blue screen which indicates that computer is shutting down but it never actually shut down.
Causes behind the issue
1. Faulty device driver
2. Oversensitive USB
3. Disabled hibernation
How to fix the issue?
1. Put your computer in a clean boot state and check if it works now.
2. Check your system for corrupted system file.
3. Refresh Windows 8.
4. Check your system for hard disk failure.
Easy way to fix the issue
Above solution may not work always. It is difficult to fix the above issue manually. The best way to fix the above issue is by getting Windows 8 support. 18 Tech is an online technical support company and helps you in fixing any Windows 8 issue in no time. It also provides free diagnosis of error. You can call on 18 Tech s toll free number 1-800-924-4927.

Aug 24

How to fix HP laptop not turning on issue?

HP laptops are known for their quality and reliability but like any other device, it too has bugs. They sometime behave abnormally and generate error messages. It is difficult to understand the error sometime even for a technical user. At that point of time HP support comes to rescue. One most common issue that HP laptop user faces is when they unable to turn on their laptops. Let’s discuss the most common issues that user face:
1. When user was working on laptop, suddenly laptop went off. Even if user take off battery and put it back still won’t work.
2. Laptop suddenly shut down and become overheated. So if you take out the battery to make it cool and again try to start your laptop, it won’t start. Even if you take batteries off and try to turn it on the result would be same.
3. Laptop is not turning on. When user presses the on button, it just turned on one blue light of middle charge button.
4. Laptop is not turning on but showing that it is charging.
5. Laptop is not even charging even. It is also not recognizing the AC adapter.
Causes of HP laptop not turning on issue
1. Dead battery may prevent your laptop from turning on even if you have plugged in the charger.
2. A faulty adapter can prevent power from getting to the laptop.
3. Bad hard drive is also one of the reason for this issue.
4. Bad motherboard also stops your laptop from turning on.
How to fix the issue?
You can easily fix the above issue with the help of technical support. 18 Tech provide quick and effective HP support 24*7. You can also call on our toll free number.

Aug 22

How to fix Acer laptop error “no bootable device”?

Acer laptops are used by millions of people. It is not uncommon to see error messages in Acer laptop. One most common error that user faces in their Acer laptop is error message “No bootable device”. This error occurs when your computer is unable to find hard disk and since it can’t find hard disk, it has problem in booting computer. This error also occurs when computer does not find proper OS to boot from. Let’s discuss the common symptoms of this error.

  1. User is working on his Acer laptop when screen suddenly becomes blank and error message appears on screen.
  2. Acer laptop working fine but suddenly screen went blank with a beep sound and no bootable device message appears.
  3. Whenever a Windows update occurs an error message appear saying “Windows has encountered an error and needs to shut down to prevent any damages. Press any key to restart”. Now when you press any key an error occurs saying no bootable device is found.
  4. When user try to install new Windows 8 by removing hard disk and when putting hard disk back the error message no bootable device appears.

How to fix the error?

If you try to fix the error manually all by yourself you may end up creating more trouble for you because these types of errors are not so easy to resolve. You need to take the help of technical experts. 18 tech is an online technical support company specialized in resolving laptop issues, It provide 24*7 online support through phone and email. It also provides free diagnosis of error. It has a very big team of technical experts that help in fixing error in no time.

Aug 20

How to fix Antivirus not installing issue?

There is nothing worse than losing your important information due to virus or other malware. Therefore it is important to protect your computer from virus using a good antivirus software. While antivirus is must for any computer but user sometime face issues while installing antivirus software. Let’s discuss the most common issues that user facing while installing antivirus software.

  1. When user try to install antivirus software an error message pop up saying Windows update is running in parallel. Even in safe mode user is unable to install antivirus software.
  2. Whenever user clicks on antivirus setup it shows updating message but after that nothing happens. Setup just disappears immediately.
  3. Virus is preventing installation of antivirus software.
  4. Malware is preventing antivirus from installing on user system.
  5. Error 1920 is displayed when installing antivirus software.
  6. Whenever user try to install antivirus software it says connection failed due to settings for proxy.
  7. When user try to install antivirus, first it installed normally but when message appear for the restarting of computer to complete the installation process, computer fails to start again.

Above are the most common issues that user face while installing antivirus software. These issues need to be installed quickly as antivirus is most important for your PC. To resolve any kind of issue while installing, updating antivirus software you can contact us. We are a leading online technical support company and provide 24*7 technical support. You can call us on our toll free number 1-800-924-4927 for the free diagnosis of errors.

Aug 20

How to fix ‘’Adobe Flash Player stopped working’’ issue?

Adobe Flash Player is widely used for viewing multimedia applications. Although it is a great application and used by so many people, it still sometime create issues. Here I am discussing the most common issues faced by Adobe Flash Player users and their fix.

  1. Adobe Flash Player has stopped working suddenly and generates error “Adobe Flash Player 11.7r700 has stopped working”’.
  2. Adobe Flash Player keeps on crashing.
  3. It produce error message “Adobe Flash 11.4r402 has stopped working” on Mozilla.
  4. Adobe Flash Player stops working and not installing videos.
  5. Adobe Flash player plugins has crashed.
  6. Adobe Flash Player 11.5r502 has stopped working in Firefox.
  7. Not able to see videos due to error in Adobe Flash Player.
  8. Adobe Flash Player stopped working even after reinstalling.

How to fix the issue?

  1. Restart Windows
  2. Modify Adobe Flash Player Settings and Permission
  3. Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

Easy way to fix the error

To fix any Adobe Flash Player issue just dial out toll free number 1-800-924-4927. We are a leading online technical support company. Our team of highly skilled technical experts fix the issue in no time.





Aug 19

How to fix Internet Explorer not working in Windows 8?

Internet Explorer sometime create problem in new Windows 8. So many users are facing issue in Internet explorer. When user upgrades his Operating to new Windows 8, Internet Explorer creates issues. Let’s discuss the common issues that user are facing with Internet Explorer:

  1. When user upgrades his Operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 8, he may face issue with Internet Explorer 10. Initially Internet Explorer seems to load Ok for sometime but after sometime it start to generate error messages and Internet Explorer automatically close down.
  2. Internet Explorer 10 refuses to load on any web page.
  3. After upgrading to Windows 8, Internet Explorer is not connecting to any website but working fine with Chrome and Firefox.
  4. Internet Explorer no working from Windows 8 desktop but working fine with tiles.
  5. Internet Explorer 10 not opening from Metro Tiles.
  6. Internet Explorer closes immediately upon opening.
  7. Can’t open Internet Explorer from the Start menu.

Above are the most common issues with Internet Explorer that are troubling many users. Although all issues are different but the main victim behind all these troubles is Internet Explorer. So it is important to resolve Internet Explorer problem. It is difficult to resolve these types of errors if you are a novice user. Even technical users find it difficult to resolve such issues sometime. If you too are facing issue with your Internet Explorer then don’t worry we can help you. Our online technical support company can fix any Internet Explorer issue in just a call. You can dial our toll free number 1-800-924-4927 for best Internet Explorer support. You can contact us 24*7.

Aug 18

How to fix MS Outlook error 0x80070057?

How to fix MS Outlook error 0x80070057?

Today MS Outlook is used by almost every organization for send and receiving mails. MS Outlook is also used for personal use. Although MS outlook is the most popular email client but still it generate errors that are sometime difficult to understand even for a technical user. For resolving such technical error a good technical assistance is required.

One such error that user faces is error code 0x80070057. This error occurs when you click on send/receive button of outlook. It indicates that an error has occurred and you have to save all your contacts and need to restart the Outlook.

Causes of the error

This error may occur due to corrupt file of your Windows or broken file structure. This issue need to be resolved on time as it makes your OS unusable and further cause problem in your PC.

How to fix the error?

  1. Install hotfix package for Outlook
  2. Check your ISP connection
  3. Create Outlook profile manually

MS Outlook errors are need to fixed immediately. If you can’t fix the error manually, then we can help you in fixing the error quickly. We also provide free diagnosis of error. Our online technical support is available 24*7. For any MS Outlook issue you can call us on our toll free number 1-800-924-4927 or mail us. Now you don’t need to wait for the technician to come and fix the error. We have been serving and making people digital life easy from years now. Feel free to contact us in case of any query.

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