Jun 30

How to resolve Windows 8 error 0xc004c008?

If you have upgraded your OS to new Windows 8 then you may be facing some issue in it. It is common to receive errors in Windows 8 and it might be difficult for a novice user to deal with them. Although Microsoft provides free solution to resolve these errors but they may not work always. Or a non-technical user doesn’t know how to perform the solution steps.  In this case the best way to resolve the error is to take the help of technical experts. Let’s discuss the most common error that Windows 8 users have to face.

Error: 0xc004c008

This is Windows Activation error and it occurs when you try to activate Windows 8.

Causes behind the error:

This error may occur when the product key of Windows is already used in some other computer. In this case you can contact the seller from whom you bought the PC to provide you original DVD or product key of Windows 8. If this is not possible then you need to buy the new key.

If you are trying to install Windows 8 Pro Pack and it is already installed on your system. Now to upgrade your version you need to first install the Windows 8 Media Center Pack.

You are trying to upgrade to Windows 8 using product key but previous version of Windows is not installed on your PC. For upgradation, previous version must be installed on your PC.

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