Jul 31

Tips to improve Internet speed?

Slow internet speed can be frustrating if all you depend too much on internet. Today you can’t imagine your life without internet. Therefore having a fast internet connection is must. If your internet connection speed is annoying you then try following tips:

  1. Check your browser settings: Upgrade your browser with latest version. It will help in reducing the time to download any web page.
  2. Check modem settings: Problem could be in your modem. So turn your modem off and on. Now check your internet connection.
  3. Clear History: To improve internet speed, clear your cookies history on a daily basis.
  4. Check for virus: If your system is infected with virus then your internet speed will automatically slow down. Try good antivirus software.
  5. Change router: A bad modem could be the culprit behind slow internet connection. So get it check and change it if required.
  6. Check wifi connection: If you are using Wifi and facing signal problem then you can try replacing the aerial. You can also use a wifi repeater to make signal strength stronger.
  7. Check filters: If your internet connection is through phone line then make sure filters are installed on your phone line.
  8. Other external interference: If your iphone, speaker or ipad is in the same area as your modem then it could make your internet connection slow. As these things create electromagnetic interference.

These are the basic solutions that you can try to improve your internet speed. But if your internet connection is still slow then 18 Tech support can help you. We provide all types of internet support be it slow connection, Broadband setting problem or configuration issue. Our team is here to help you solve any internet issue.

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