Jul 17

Tips to optimize your Windows PC for better Performance

Have your PC slow performance is bothering you? Is it running too slow? It is the most common problem with computer user. Overtime the performance of PC becomes slow due to so many reasons. Sometime by doing some simple things or regular maintenance you can bring back your PC performance. Following are the tips to optimize your PC:

  1. Use good antivirus software: If you use Internet frequently, chances are your PC might be infected with virus. Virus slows down the performance of PC. So make sure you are using good antivirus software.
  2. Clean Windows Registry: Windows Registry stores all the settings of OS in its database. This database grows over time and slows down the performance of PC. So it is important to remove the registry time to time.
  3. Remove unneeded programs: When you install a program, it takes up space in memory so remove those programs that you don’t require.
  4. Defrag your hard disk: When you add or delete program to and from hard disk, these programs divides in to multiple parts and scattered over your hard disk. This process slow down the performance of your PC. So it is important to defrag your hard disk. Defragmentation is the process of arranging these scattered blocks at one place.
  5. Check for updates: Update your PC. Check for upgrades like Enable Windows updates, also check for new Service Packs, new anti-virus programs, new drivers to keep your PC updated.
  6. Keep your desktop clean: Don’t stuff your desktop with too many files as it will affect the performance of your PC. Keep it clean.
  7. Disk error checking: Always scan your disk for errors. There may be some errors that are slowing down your PC.

Above are the simple manual steps that can take to improve the performance of your slow PC. But if even after performing all these steps your PC is still slow then call us for getting best computer support. We are a leading technical support company. We will help you in optimizing your PC.