Jun 17

Tips to solve HP printer problems

HP printers are known for their reliability but sometime they create problem in printing. Sometime printer fails the moment you need it most. In that situation you need to rush to a technical expert, which kill your time. So today we will discuss the most common issues with HP printers and their solution.

  1. Paper jams: This is the most common issue with any printer not just HP. Paper jam occurs due to dust, worn rollers, paper is inserted in wrong way etc. To resolve this issue, try to remove the paper from printer in the direction of paper path. To prevent this issue, clean your printer time to time.
  2. Toner does not stick to the page: The main cause behind this issue is defective toner cartridge. The solution is to replace the cartridge.
  3. Printing faded text: The reason behind this issue is low toner or printer density is low. To check this issue you can check the settings of printer.
  4. Error 50.4: This error is related to power supply. To resolve this issue you need to unplug the printer from UPS or power strip and then try to print.
  5. Ghosting: In ghosting two copies of image are printed one is proper and another is faded version which got printed somewhere else. This problem usually occurs due to power outlet. To resolve this problem, you need to check the power outlet by plugging in to different printer.
  6. Error 79: This error may occur due to network print server. To resolve this error you need to remove the pending jobs from print server.
  7. Can’t find a driver: This issue may occurs if you are using new OS and old printer could not find the required driver.

If you are getting above errors then you are free to contact. We will provide you best technical support. You just need to dial our toll free number.