Aug 24

Windows 8 is not shutting down properly

Yesterday I was reading Windows 8 forums and I found out that the most users are unable to shut down their Windows 8 properly. This is the most common issue among Windows 8 users. Let’s discuss the issues faced by users:
1. When user tries to shut down his system, Windows 8 does not shut down properly. Hard drive keeps on running with a blank screen. User is able to shut down his laptop only by pressing power button for long.
2. System is not shutting down even after pressing power button. Screen will show “Shutting down” but it never shut down actually.
3. When user presses shut down button, instead of shutting down it restarts.
4. When user tries to shut down his system he came across a restarting blue screen which indicates that computer is shutting down but it never actually shut down.
Causes behind the issue
1. Faulty device driver
2. Oversensitive USB
3. Disabled hibernation
How to fix the issue?
1. Put your computer in a clean boot state and check if it works now.
2. Check your system for corrupted system file.
3. Refresh Windows 8.
4. Check your system for hard disk failure.
Easy way to fix the issue
Above solution may not work always. It is difficult to fix the above issue manually. The best way to fix the above issue is by getting Windows 8 support. 18 Tech is an online technical support company and helps you in fixing any Windows 8 issue in no time. It also provides free diagnosis of error. You can call on 18 Tech s toll free number 1-800-924-4927.